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"That means, possibly as early as tomorrow, ministers will put forward what is expected to be an extremely short piece of legislation in the hope of getting MPs to approve it, perhaps within a fortnight." Read Laura's blog in full. What opposition parties say Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: "Labour respects the result of the referendum and the will of the British people and will not frustrate the process for invoking Article 50." But he added that his party would "seek to amend the Article 50 Bill to prevent the Conservatives using Brexit to turn Britain into a bargain basement tax haven off the coast of Europe". However, UKIP leader Paul Nuttall warned MPs and peers not to hamper the passage of the legislation. "The will of the people will be heard, and woe betide those politicians or parties that attempt to block, delay, or in any other way subvert that will," he said. The Scottish National Party said it would put forward 50 "serious and substantive" amendments to the government's parliamentary bill for triggering Article 50. Article 50 will begin exit talks with the EU, which are expected to last up to two years. Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron said his MPs and peers would vote against Article 50 unless there was guarantee of the public having a vote on the final deal reached between the UK and EU. Supreme Court ruling - key points The 1972 Act that took the UK into the then EEC creates a process by which EU law becomes a source of UK law So long as that act remains in force, it means that read more here EU law is an "independent and overriding source" of the UK's legal system Unless Parliament decides otherwise, this remains the case Withdrawal from the EU makes a fundamental change to the UK's constitutional arrangements because it will cut off the source of EU law Such a fundamental change will be the inevitable effect of a notice being served The UK constitution requires such changes can only be made by Parliament The fact that withdrawal from the EU would remove some existing domestic rights of UK residents also renders it impermissible for the government to withdraw from the EU Treaties without prior parliamentary authority Analysis by Dominic Casciani, BBC home affairs correspondent "This momentous judgement is about one thing alone: the rule of law and how the UK, as a champion of that steady, calm form of government, gets on with the business of leaving the EU. "But what it also makes clear is that membership of the EU is messy in constitutional terms - so only Parliament has the right to pull us out.

Lacy bras and knickers that wont bust Valentines Day budgets are being flogged in Aldi from next Sunday. This gives gift-buying blokes and romantic women plenty of time to slip the hot skimpies into the shopping before February 14. Stylish underwear is a favourite Valentines present but can prove to be expensive. Read More Gift-buying blokes don't have to break the bank with Aldi's satin nightwear (Photo: Aldi) Pink satin briefs are part of Aldi's inexpensive range (Photo: Aldi) Black lacy bra is low in price for the competitive supermarket (Photo: Aldi) Matching lacy knickers are also part of the deal (Photo: Aldi) The pink two piece is less than a tenner so men won't break the bank this Valentine's Day (Photo: Aldi) But the competitive supermarket has attracted many customers from traditional high street players and hopes its saucy underwear will have a similar pull, The Sunday People can reveal. Its new premium five-piece range would not look out of place in a swanky designer shop rather than in an aisle next to the baked beans and broccoli. It offers pink and black balconette bras in sizes 34B to 38D for just 3.99. The matching Brazilian-style knickers are also 3.99 a pair in sizes 8-18. So at just 7.98 for a bra and matching pants, blokes can afford to treat the love, or loves, in their lives as long as they check womens sizes first and dont get their buys mixed up. Read More Men can treat their partners for less as long as they check the sizes first (Photo: Aldi) Black bralet is set to rival other high-end retailers (Photo: Aldi) Matching black knickers can be bought with the bralet as a pair (Photo: Aldi) Rival discount chain Lidl is offering 100 roses for just #25 at half its stores (Photo: Aldi) Aldi is also selling black lacy bralets with a pair of matching briefs, also for 3.99 each, and satin nightwear of a cami top and shorts for 9.99.

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